UKRAINIAN declarative patent for utility model 88810 pub. Apr. 10, 2014

Fun Toys: «All the necessary qualifications and examinations have been done». Fun Toys has in mind a formal examination? Declarative patent issued without checking of patentability under the responsibility of the applicant and has not references to another patents. The full examination of a patent takes 1.5-3 years. Ukrainian Patent Office refused to issue such patent of G-vibe.

Ukrainian declarative patent for utility model of G-vibe, G-vibe2 by Yevhen Yurchenko (ЮРЧЕНКО ЄВГЕН ВАЛЕРІЙОВИЧ) 88810 filed Apr. 5, 2013  granted Apr.10, 2014.  Iurchenko Dec. 25, 2013 received a draft conclusion qualifying examination and Jan. 27, 2014 he filed a petition for the conversion application for a patent on the application for a declarative patent for utility model. The convertation has been done Feb. 10, 2014. The patent not meet criteria «novelty» because there is the inetrnational patent application PCT/RU2010/000726P and G-vibe was disclosed Dec. 01, 2012.