RUSSIAN declarative patent for utility model 140434 pub. May 10, 2014

Fun Toys: “All the necessary qualifications and examinations have been done”. Fun Toys has in mind a formal examination? Declarative patent issued without checking of patentability under the responsibility of the applicant and has not references to another patents. The full examination of a patent takes 1.5-3 years. Ukrainian Patent Office refused to issue such patent of G-vibe.

Russian declarative patent for utility model of Gvibe, Gvibe 2 by Ievgen Iurchenko (Евгений Юрченко). Filed Jan. 14, 2014 granted May 10, 2014. The patent not meet criteria “novelty” because there is the patent 2509548 and G-vibe was disclosed Dec. 01, 2012. Iurchenko filed an objection to the grant of the patent 2509548. in November, was the first hearing, which was postponed until 2015 at the request of Iurchenko.

Russian Patent Office Nov. 25, 2014 received an objection to the issuance of patent 140434.