US patent application 14/263,755 pub. Oct. 30, 2014. Patent not granted.

Fun Toys:  “before the product appeared on the market which was in September 2012 G-vibe had been already protected by the US patent”. Why Fun Toys did not disclose a number of the patent?

Because the G-vibe don’t has patent in the US.  US utility patent application of G-vibe by Ievgen Iurchenko filed Apr. 28, 2014 publication Oct. 30, 2014. Priority provisional application 61/817,437 by Iurchenko filed Apr. 30, 2013. Not other docs for name Iurchenko in the patent database.  The patent application not meet criteria «novelty» because there is the US patent application 13/512,481 and G-vibe was disclosed Dec. 01, 2012. Ukrainian Patent Office refused to issue such patent of G-vibe.