Patent examiner: Iurchenko (Romanski) is not inventor of G-vibe.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office rejected G-vibe patent application of Ievgen Valeriyovych Iurchenko aka Jack Romanski. In the United States, all patents must have a patent examination. Before that, Iurchenko received declarative patents only for which expertise is not required. This decision means that there is a lack of novelty for all Gvibe patents and each can be annulled same as the Russian patent for a utility model 140434 was annulled in 2015.

Full text of the final rejection available at the application number: 14/263755.

A few years ago Iurchenko said: “The company has stated that even before the product appeared on the market which was in September 2012 G-vibe had been already protected by the US patent.” and “I remember the day when the idea of G-vibe appeared in my head. And I can responsibly state that it was not influenced by someone else’s inventions in any way.”

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