Court case Gvibe vs. SplitDILDO: Dummy defendant and canceled Gvibe patent.

In 2014, before the amendments were made to the Russian Patent law, Eugene Iurchenko received a declarative patent for a utility model №140434. In the same year, he filed a lawsuit №2-5892/2014 on the violation of his patent against a retailer of the SplitDILDO. The SplitDILDO manufacturer had the patent for the invention №2509548, but the defendant Dmitriy Hisamudinov did not involve him to participate in the judicial process. In 2015, the dummy defendant was appointed CEO of the company LELORU LLC which owns Iurchenko. In the same year, the patent of the Gvibe №140434 was canceled. Iurchenko still uses this court case to deceive his partners and retailers.


Text of the judgment



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