Fun Toys nominated “The Company of Lies”

Eugene Yurchenko (aka Jack Romansky) from Eastern Europe has become of victim of its lies: “Please note, that all our products are protected by patents in Europe, the United States and elsewhere.”

In fact Russian patent of Gvibe for utility model 140434 (filed Jan. 14, 2014) was cancelled. The reason is earliest publication of International patent application of SplitDILDO (pub. Jun. 03, 2011).  The conclusion of Russian Chamber of Patent Disputies here. Any patents/patent applications of Gvibe or court cases can be refused or cancelled too.

Patent of Gvibe/Gvibe2 is invalid.

The Russian Chamber of Patent Disputies Nov. 25, 2014 was filed objection to the grant of a Russian declarative patent for utility model of G-vibe 140434.  At the session of the Chamber Apr. 20, 2015 Gvibe’s patent was invalid completely. Russian Patent Office (Rospatent) Sep. 10, 2015 published the conclusion of Iurchenko’s patent invalidation. Gvibe’s patent does not meet the criteria of novelty according the publication of the SplitDILDO’s international patent application published Jun. 03, 2010. The link of Gvibe dead patent.

gvibe patent is invalid

Gvibe patent is invalid


Gballs2. Ievgen Iurchenko aka “Jack Romanski” continues to steal ideas.

Pseudo British company Fun Toys: “We will present our brand new innovation – Gballs2! Come and see the first Sex-Fitness Tracker!” Why the Gballs² is similar to the Magic Kegel Twins by Magic Motion?

Original video. Fake video FunToys Gballs-2.

Moreover, Ievgen Iurchenko for Gballs2 gets a new European declarative patent for design 002604058-0001. The design stolen from Twins by Magic Motion.

More and more lies: “Gballs² team is a group of international entrepreneurs, researchers, designers, engineers and health specialists. The team has come together to introduce new solutions to the women`s health sector.” The “team” is one Ukrainian living in Russia Ievgen Iurchenko, his wife Irina Privalova and his sister Darina Iurchenko aka Diana Kowalski who speak in russian on the video (0:15 and 2:30).


Who is hiding under the name of “Jack Romanski”?

Fun Toys: “Jack Romanski an engineer specializing in silicones for space industry”. Why the mustached man on the photo under name of “Jack Romanski” is like Eugene Yurchenko (Ievgen Iurchenko) Ukrainian living in Russia?

Iurchenko is owner of Russian adult wholesale company (b/w image on bottom of the page). His name designated in all declarative patents and US patent application. From Russia he manages a shell company Fun Toys LLP having two Seychelles members only. In Russia Iurchenko know as “fake supplier”, and lot of companies have refused to cooperate with him. His business is based on lies and falsification.

Who and when invented dual-tip massager?

Fun Toys: “And I can responsibly state that it was not influenced by someone else’s inventions in any way”. Why the G-vibe is the same as SplitDILDO invented in 2009?

In fact Ievgen Iurchenko who hiding under the name of “Jack Romanski” stolen the idea and the design from SplitDILDO. Patent application of SplitDILDO filed Nov. 26 2009. The disclosure of SplitDILDO is publication of international patent application Jun. 3, 2011 and review My New Lover by Dodson & Ross posted Dec. 10, 2010.

G-vibe contains all the signs of SplitDILDO: 1) sizes, 2) curved and tapered tips, 3) oval base, 4) notch between tips on the base. SplitDILDO was pilot project and was closed for developing SplitDILDO-2.

What can kills G-vibe’s patents?

Fun Toys: “Moreover, the company was absolutely confident that its product is genuinely protected since granting the patent leaves no room for doubts”. Ievgen Iurchenko believes the other idiots?

In the international patent application PCT/RU2010/000726 fully discribed a massaging device with split shaft and vibrating ends. It means any patent or patent application is invalid unless it lists the first and true inventor of the claimed invention.

According the magazine SIGN 12/2012 issued Dec.01, 2012, G-vibe invented by British engeneer Jack Romanski. It means any patent was filed later for other person do not meet criteria “novelty” and may be annulled before or during the trial initiated by the patent owner.

What will happen to the G-vibe and Gvibe² in 2015?

Fun Toys: “Russian patent confirms that the company did not use someone else’s ideas and did not infringe existing patents”. Why Iurchenko tries to challenge a patent 2509548 if the G-vibe does not infringe it?

In 2015 will be a second meeting of the Russian Patent Office challenging the patent 2509548. Will also be considered challenging the patent 140434 and other patents of G-vibe/Gvibe². In Russia’s court is preparing a lawsuit against the G-vibe (G-vibe-2). In the police will be filed to initiate criminal proceedings against Iurchenko.

The new Gvibe² and other simple products by Fun Toys showed that the company is not able to invent something new. G-vibe/Gvibe² has obsolete shape copied from SplitDILDO edition 2011. This clon of SplitDILDO has not a future because the SplitDILDO patented in Russia, patent pending in the US, and of an expected release SplitDILDO-2 with patented Recurved Ends in 2015. The new shape of SplitDILDO-2 protected by patent 147082 granted Oct. 27, 2014. For the Recurved Ends also filed patent application for invention, internetional patent application and design application. It means Recurved Ends can be protected in 148 countries.

Can you trust the Fun Toys LLP?

Fun Toys: “by the British company Fun Toys“. Why Ievgen Iurchenko (Ukraine), Irina Privalova (Russia), Andrey Lihachev (Russia), Darina Iurchenko (Ukraine) only represents Fun Toys?

Below are Fun Toys documents from site



Why create this site?

Fun Toys: “This occurred with G-vibe as well – recently there has appeared a patent troll who has been trying to blackmail Fun Toys stating that he has the Russian patent”. Iurchenko calls the first and true inventor a patent troll? Too much lie

Anyone can get a “junk patent” on famous invention, but a declarative patent does not confirm inventorship. Iurchenko use a trust of partners who are not understand in patent law. I have to create this site in order to uncover fraud by Iurchenko.

I’m the first and true inventor of dual-tip massager and owner of Russian patent 2509548 with effective date for property rights Nov. 26, 2009. Ievgen Iurchenko has chosen the path of crime and fraud. I hope that you will stop to cooperate with his company and delete any information regarding G-vibe from your sites. Sincerely yours, Split Inventor.