Patent examiner: Iurchenko (Romanski) is not inventor of G-vibe.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office rejected G-vibe patent application of Ievgen Valeriyovych Iurchenko aka Jack Romanski. In the United States, all patents must have a patent examination. Before that, Iurchenko received declarative patents only for which expertise is not required. This decision means that there is a lack of novelty for all Gvibe patents and each can be annulled same as the Russian patent for a utility model 140434 was annulled in 2015.

Full text of the final rejection available at the application number: 14/263755.

The patent for the invention SplitDILDO and other split shaft sex toys was issued to Sergie Topolev  on Sep 1, 2015. The first patent application was filled him Nov 26, 2009.

A few years ago Iurchenko said: “The company has stated that even before the product appeared on the market which was in September 2012 G-vibe had been already protected by the US patent.” and “I remember the day when the idea of G-vibe appeared in my head. And I can responsibly state that it was not influenced by someone else’s inventions in any way.”

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Fun Factory forced Fun Toys to stop selling Gjack and change the name to FT London.

Adult manufacturers Fun Factory GmbH and FunToys, LLC (formerly Fun Toys, now FT) have reached an agreement regarding FT’s Gjack vibrator.

According to a press release, “both manufacturers would like to clarify that the Gjack despite its appearance and promoted product features, in combination with the brand name Fun Toys, was manufactured by FT, and in no way related to Fun Factory.”

To avoid further confusion with Fun Factory’s Big Boss vibrator, the two manufacturers have agreed that FT will remove the Gjack from the market, filling no new orders past Dec. 31, 2016.

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Court case Gvibe vs. SplitDILDO: Dummy defendant and canceled Gvibe patent.

In 2014, before the amendments were made to the Russian Patent law, Eugene Iurchenko received a declarative patent for a utility model №140434. In the same year, he filed a lawsuit №2-5892/2014 on the violation of his patent against a retailer of the SplitDILDO. The SplitDILDO manufacturer had the patent for the invention №2509548, but the defendant Dmitriy Hisamudinov did not involve him to participate in the judicial process. In 2015, the dummy defendant was appointed CEO of the company LELORU LLC which owns Iurchenko. In the same year, the patent of the Gvibe №140434 was canceled. Iurchenko still uses this court case to deceive his partners and retailers.


Text of the judgment



LELORU LLC (Tax.No 7723898893) official registration information.

Patent of Gvibe/Gvibe2 is invalid.

The Russian Chamber of Patent Disputies Nov. 25, 2014 was filed objection to the grant of a Russian declarative patent for utility model of G-vibe 140434.  At the session of the Chamber Apr. 20, 2015 Gvibe’s patent was invalid completely. Russian Patent Office (Rospatent) Sep. 10, 2015 published the conclusion of Iurchenko’s patent invalidation. Gvibe’s patent does not meet the criteria of novelty according the publication of the SplitDILDO’s international patent application published Jun. 03, 2010. The link of Gvibe dead patent.

gvibe patent is invalid

Gvibe patent is invalid


SplitDILDO granted patent in the United States.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Sep 1, 2015, granted Topolev the patent for split sex toy US 9,119,765 B2 сonfirming him primacy in the invention anatomical massager with split shaft.


The patent protects any split-like sex toy capable of being inserted into the vagina and stretches it without stretching the vaginal opening. Any toy such as a dildo, a vibrator or a plug that works similarly infringes this patent.

British engineer Romanski is Ukrainian Iurchenko living in Russia.

Ievgen Iurhenko was born in Pereiaslivske village, Ukraine in the family of a sex shop owner and continued the family business in Russia. In Russia he owned “Fun Tois” LLC (, “Pikashki” LLC ( and two companies with similar names “LELORU” LLC (, To advertise sex toys he uses minor children.